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The Infinite Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit is a complete security, fire & home management system. Secure transmission methods, long battery life and superbly designed detection accessories enable the installation of Infinite to be trouble free and more importantly, virtually wire free. Whilst Infinites primary role is that of a high security wireless burglar alarm, its full capabilities can offer the end user many functions that at last combine protecting the property with helpful features that will be used every day. Wireless smoke detectors and X10 modules to control electrical appliances can be easily fitted to the system. Where other wireless burglar alarms claim to be wire-free, they normally still have cables to run between the control panel and the external sounder, and also any extra remote keypads. The hardest cable to run is normally the one between the control panel and the external sounder, because it involves running a cable between different levels of a property. The Infinite wireless burglar alarm has none of these problems. The only cables to install in the whole system are providing power so that the control panel and the external sounder can be plugged in to a local power socket. This is a very sophisticated wireless burglar alarm system that would normally retail for many £100s of pounds.

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1 x Infinite Control Panel This can be located near your entry point or out of site if a wire free key fob is added.
3 x Infinite PIRs These are used to protect areas such as lounge, kitchen and landing etc.
2 x Surface Door Contacts These are fitted to your external doors.
1 x Key Fob Allows the system to be set and unset. it also acts as a panic button.
1 x Texecom Odyssey 3e bell box This is a 109dB Polycarbonate bell box complete with it's own strobe and battery back-up.
1 x Decoy Bell Box This is located externally, usually to the rear of the property (not shown).
1 x Battery Back-Up This will normally run the system for up to 8 hours.
1 x Infinite bell Module This unit wires into the mains supply and is connected to the bell box.

Additional Features

Full House When leaving the property you simply press the house button and leave. Once all the zones are clear the system will set. This can also be carried out via the Remote Key Fob.
Half house By pressing the 'Half House' button the system will automatically set for night time. This could turn off zone that would otherwise trigger the alarm when you are in bed, i.e. Landing, bedroom.
PerimeterS By pressing the 'perimeter' button , the system will automatically set for a second pre-determined setting. This would normally be used to arm doors and windows whilst allowing you to walk around the house freely.
Key Fob The key fob allow you to set and unset the alarm from a remote position as well as sounding the alarm via a panic button.
Auto Reset If your alarm triggers it will ring for approximately 10 minutes. After this period it will reset and re-arm.
Chime Zones with door contacts attached can be programmed to chime when the system is unset. This means if you have left the door unlocked and someone tries to enter, the control panel will give a double beep to alert you.

This control panel has the ability to turn your lights on, and operate any electrical device
automatically. Ask for details on 'HOME AUTOMATION.'


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September 24, 2020
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