Coopers Homelink 75 Kit


You want to look after what’s important in life: your family,
your home and yourself. With the wire-free Homelink 75
you’re already off to a good start. It offers you some of the
most advanced security technology available from one of
the world’s leading manufacturers.

With nearly 30 years’ experience, Scantronic builds
state-of-the-art security systems which incorporate
intelligence as standard. Intelligence that makes
Homelink 75 more than a security system. Using mobile phone technology, Homelink 75 combines communication and security to bring you a system that not only protects what you care about, but tells you what you need to know – when you need to know it.

Whatever you’re doing, whether at home, work or abroad, Homelink 75 gives you complete reassurance that your premises and all its contents are secure.

Key Features

Four independent partitions, each of which can be full set or part set
Provides alarms for intruder, fire, technical, PA and social care
Built-in siren
Supplied as a kit with PIR, door contact, telecommand and prox tag.
32 fully supervised (to EN50131-3) radio input zones
2 FSL wired input zones
32 programmable radio outputs
2 Wired relay outputs
User Interface
Built in keypad and graphic display
Voice prompts (can be disabled)
Multi-function remote operation fobs
Integral prox reader
Remote control by telephone (mobile or land line)
Built-in microphone
Loud-speaking facility
Voice memo recording facility
Integral digital communicator offering SCANCOM, Fast-Format, SIA l, ll & lll Extended, and Contact ID formats
Plug on adaptors for Internet Protocol over Ethernet or GPRS
Plug on adaptors for GSM (mobile phone)
Integral social alarm function with Tunstall and SCANCOM Fast-Format communications and half-duplex voice communication
Integral speech dialler with one 12s home message and up to four consecutive messages each 8s long with listening-in and talk back facility
Scantronic AE2 dual diversity narrow-band 868 MHz radio receiver
Integral radio field-strength meter for accurate detector siting
Supervision and jamming detection on all detectors
Radio learning of detectors and outputs
NiMH batteries giving at least 12 hours standby operation
Mains power from standard outlet (built-in power supply)
Full upload/download and remote servicing facility
350 event log
Programmable from a PC or laptop using a built-in USB port

For more information on the Homelink 75 please contact us
on 01519204612

September 24, 2020
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