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Honeywell has launched a new intruder alarm control panel built on its popular Galaxy technology.

Aimed primarily at the residential market, but also suitable for use in small commercial applications, the G2 Series makes use of wireless technology.
Honeywell’s new range of Galaxy G2 panels provides feature rich, easy to use security solutions based on the successful and well appreciated Galaxy concept.

Its great flexibility and unique system architecture makes it the ideal solution for all residential and small to medium size commercial installations.

The common sense practicality will be greatly appreciated by both the end-user and installer.

The Galaxy G2 range consists of two panels; the Galaxy G2-20 and the Galaxy G2-44+, which allows up to 20 and 44 zones respectively.

Compatible with the existing Galaxy peripheral range the Galaxy G2 series utilises the familiar Galaxy user interface and programming structure.

Hybrid system which supports both hardwired and wireless peripherals
Menu structure compliant with classic Galaxy
Programmable zone resistor values, to upgrade any existing installation
New RF portal for superior wireless performance on 868 MHz
Alarm signalling in multiple formats (DTMF, SIA levels 0-3, Contact ID)
SMS text signalling to up to three mobile numbers
Advanced system and RF-diagnostics
Flash upgradeable firmware
Integrated RS232 communication port
EN 50131 compliant
Extra features of Galaxy G2-44+ only:
Dual path signalling via PSTN and plug-in GSM
2-way voice support – from supervised premises to central station or user
Dual bus technology supports both Galaxy (RS485) and Ademco (ECP) peripheral sets
G2 Series

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The panel features a bi-directional functionality that is delivered through Honeywell's Alpha radio protocol via an RF portal. Designers say that unlike simple one-way radio functions, the transmitter sends a message on one channel and then switches to a listen mode.

If it does not receive an acknowledgement from the radio within a predetermined time period, it repeats the procedure until it does. The radio transmitter will activate the alarm unless it receives an affirmative response that an intrusion has not taken place.

"The advanced functionality of the G2 panel delivers a cost-effective, integrated and reliable alarm system providing home owners and small business owners with greater peace of mind," said Yves Pichon, marketing leader at Honeywell EMEA.

“The G2 Series comes with a radio control fob that displays system status remotely.”

The G2 Series comes with a radio control fob that displays system status remotely. This allows site managers and security professionals to set and unset the system from anywhere and at any time.

Programmed to function as a ‘dual model’, the G2 Series also offers an access control facility. The MAX reader, an access control card reader that plugs into the control panel, enables the system to be set and unset from the door itself. Honeywell believes this functionality will be attractive for European markets where demand for restricted access systems is high.

The G2 Series, which is compatible with existing Ethernet or IP networks, is available now.

Wired kit. Proximity fob activation means setting is simple and there are no codes to remember. Pet tolerant PIRs allow the alarm to be set so that pets are not detected. 2 proximity fobs supplied.
•6 Zone Control Panel
•1 Part-Set Program
•18 x 18m Quad-PIR Detection
•Internal Siren on Control Panel
•110dB Siren with Xenon Strobe
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Product contents:
1 x control panel, 2 x pet tolerant PIRs, 2 x contacts, 1 x siren, 100m cable, 2 x proximity tags.

18 x 18m PIR detecetion range. 110dB Siren with xenon strobe.

September 24, 2020
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