Honeywell introduces a new wireless capability for the Galaxy® Dimension intruder alarm system and a broader range of wireless sensors for the hybrid G2 intruder alarm system.

Unique wireless technologies
With a combination of unique radio technologies in the control panels and a suite of new, integrated wireless sensors that provide comprehensive intrusion and environmental protection for businesses, wireless technology has never been more reliable for commercial applications. Superior performance, high reliability and enhanced flexibility are achieved using patented technologies including bi-directional radio, agile routing and wireless K-band DUAL TEC® sensors and detectors.

A complete wireless offering
The new wireless sensors in the Honeywell range include a DUAL TEC® motion sensor (DT(PI)8M), glassbreak detector (FG8M), flood/temperature detector (DET8M), and shock sensor (SHK8M). Other available sensors across the range of control panels include bi-directional keyfobs and panic buttons (TCB8M/TCBPA8M-1), passive infrared sensors (IR(PI)800M) with pet tolerant variant and door and window contacts.

The Honeywell total wireless solution has been developed with both installers and end-users in mind. The Galaxy Dimension wireless solution is ideal for large installations such as hospitals and department stores. It saves time on installations saving you (the customer) money when the use of cables is not practical and removes the need for cabling maintenance. It significantly reduces the need for site visits as installers can carry out maintenance remotely and instantly using theRemote Servicing Suite (RSS) and Remote Routine Inspection (RRI) tools.

Reliable wireless security for large installations
For end users, the Honeywell Galaxy Dimension wireless solution provides extremely high levels of security and reliability with minimal business disruption, cost and inconvenience. Installation is quick and easy and it provides lower maintenance costs due to the reliability of the system and fewer required service visits.

New wireless sensors for G2
The G2 hybrid solution with the new wireless DUAL TEC® sensors and detectors is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that are more prone to break-ins and false alarms typically caused by the number of the people using the system, interference from other equipment and external factors such as white light, especially in sites with large areas of glass.

Reduced false alarms
For the end-user, the G2 hybrid solution with advanced performance sensors is a more reliable security system, providing better protection and fewer false alarms. Installation is less invasive as no cables are required resulting in minimal disturbance to businesses and building/office redecoration is not required. In addition, they will receive better protection for vulnerable glass areas, as well as protection from any serious loss and damage arising from flooding or faulty equipment thanks to the environmental flood and temperature sensor.

The wireless DUAL TEC® motion sensor provides faster and more reliable detection using K-band microwaves to quickly verify the PIR signal prior to any alarm decision. Because K-band operates on a higher frequency, it is less likely to penetrate walls and glass, reducing false alarms and associated intervention costs. In addition, FlexCore™ and Flexguard™ technologies have been applied to Honeywell’s new FG8M glass break detector, reducing alarms in buildings with large areas of glass by analysing sound frequency, duration and amplitude.



The NEW G2 system by Honeywell is the ideal solution to protect small commercial & domestic sites.

The simplicity of installation, its great flexibility and unique system architecture, built on the trusted Galaxy platform allowing remote servicing, is a major benefit to both the end-user and installer.

Compatible with the existing Galaxy peripheral range, the G2 series utilises the familiar Galaxy user interface and programming structure. In addition, it now allows integrated door control and set/unset from a card reader and optional connectivity to an IP network.

The new G2 range consists of two panels; the compact G2-20 version and the G2-44+, allowing up to 20 and 44 zones respectively. The standard 12 built-in zones offer a cost effective without the need for expansion modules.

September 24, 2020
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